BREAKING NEWS – Paint Can spray on polish has landed!

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A New Way to do your Nails

When I got this email, I did not know what to think. Can this be for real kept repeating in my brain. If its faster and long lasting I am down to try anything. You can say that's the product tester in me lol.
This is very intriguing to me. I am tempted to get this even though it's $12 a can. The colors are surely pretty. But the thought of it being all over my hands is kinda of a turn off. However, if it removes off the side as easy as it appears it will definitely solve my ugly painting issues. As much as I have tried to make my nails look pretty I seem to fail like I just started painting them, especially painting my left hand.

How Does it Work?

Apply Base Coat
Apply Top Coat
Wash Away Excess
Viola! Perfectly applied polish in a heartbeat. Add top coat up to 4 days wear.

These leads me to many questions also. how long will it take to dry? Can you get runs like you would if you spray painted an object? Can this really outlast standard polish? 
If the wear is long lasting, I can definitely see myself using this as long as removing it off my skin is not hard. Check out this demo  DOES IT WORK?!
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