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Join Julep& get $150 Beauty Gift FREE

This $150 Beauty Gift is FREE when you Join Julep!Get a free $150 Beauty Gift when you join Julep beauty box! The gift features eight full-size beauty products (see list of items below) plus a super cute cosmetic clutch - what a deal! This is Julep's highest-value new subscriber offer to date, and it will only last a few weeks so get yours today. When you join Julep beauty box, you'll get access to the only full-size and fully-customizable beauty box subscription on the market, so you get what you want in your box every month! To redeem your $150 Beauty Gift, add the gift to cart and use code COLOR8 at checkout. Your gift includes: Phyllis, a soft petal pink crème nail polishRosie, a Charcoal grey with magenta glitter polishIt's Whipped Lip Mousse in XOXOLip Crayon in Dusty Orchid ShimmerLip Gloss in Timeless petal pinkBlush Stick in Moonlit SandGel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe ShimmerFluid Eye Glider in BlackIllustrated cosmetic clutch Here are some reasons why you’ll love Julep…

BREAKING NEWS – Paint Can spray on polish has landed!

A New Way to do your NailsWhen I got this email, I did not know what to think. Can this be for real kept repeating in my brain. If its faster and long lasting I am down to try anything. You can say that's the product tester in me lol. This is very intriguing to me. I am tempted to get this even though it's $12 a can. The colors are surely pretty. But the thought of it being all over my hands is kinda of a turn off. However, if it removes off the side as easy as it appears it will definitely solve my ugly painting issues. As much as I have tried to make my nails look pretty I seem to fail like I just started painting them, especially painting my left hand.
How Does it Work?

These leads me to many questions also. how long will it take to dry? Can you get runs like you would if you spray painted an object? Can this really outlast standard polish? 
If the wear is long lasting, I can definitely see myself using this as long as removing it off my skin is not hard. Check out this demo  D…


SAVE 20% ON JULEP’S NEW ZODIAC COLLECTION POLISH –    INTRODUCING ARIES!Julep has just released their newest Zodiac polish for all you Aries ladies out there. Aries is the third polish to debut in Julep’s new Zodiac Collection and is a 'risk-taker red' iridescent polish inspired by the exciting and passionate Aries personality. Plus, Julep has extended the coupon code LETSGET20 so you can save 20% on any regular-priced item on, including the polishes in the Zodiac Collection. Shop Julep's Zodiac Collection and see what Julep's astronomers have to say about 2016 for your sign. Offer details: Offer expires on 5/31/16. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional code. Monthly Maven Boxes are not eligible. Not valid for purchase of gift cards, gift boxes, Mystery Box, or Gift of Maven. *** Xoxo

Julep Deals

NEW: Get a FREE 3-Piece Polish Gift when you Join Julep Beauty BoxSpring broke? Here’s your break! If you can’t get away for a proper week in the sun this spring, lighten up with a pop of bright pastels! You’ll get this Free 3-Piece Polish Gift when you join Julep Beauty Box and pay for your first month ($24.99). When you join Julep, you'll get a box of gorgeous and good-for-you beauty, nail, or skincare products delivered to your door every month. Julep offers the only full-size and fully-customizable beauty box out there, so you get what you want every month! To redeem your Free 3-Piece Polish Gift, add the gift to cart and use code TAKEOFF at checkout. Your gift includes: One pink grapefruit sheer iridescent polishOne hyacinth crème polishOne tart lemon crème polish Here are some reasons why you’ll love Julep: Julep is affordable. Every month you get more than $40 of full-size products for just $24.99 per month (tip - prepay for three months at a time and only pay $19.99 a month).J…

DROK Pink Hair Straightener Ceramic Detangling Brush Review

Pink brush Craze 
With so much hype about this brush, it only seemed natural to hop on board in testing it. I am not sure which brand has been the most highly rated, but I finally got to try one. I don’t have a huge issue with my hair being curly unless it is rainy weather.  Although I do have some waves in the front section of my hair that totally drive me batty. While pink isn’t my thing I was excited to try and put this bad boy to the test. Instructions in hand these girl was ready. The First Test After washing my hair, I towel dried it and as recommended an applied a leave in conditioner.  After the temperature showed it was ready (which was fast) I brushed away. The brush felt like a massage as it went through my hair and I didn’t want to stop. In amazement I was instantly hooked. My hair was straight, the time it took was super-fast, and my arm didn’t feel like it was about to fall off. Added plus, my hair stayed straight all day and did not make my hair static. SCORE! The secon…

$5 Spring Polishes from Julep

This Week Only Winter’s on its way out and I can’t wait for for some springtime sunshine! And while I love the cold-weather go-tos, I'm totally ready to lighten up my nail game a little with the $5 Nail Polish Catalog that is available through Sunday, 3/20. No promo code needed, just add any polish from this catalog to your cart. The trick I'm obsessed with is playing forward my faves—swapping out winter shades for their lighter, brighter counterparts. Check out Julep's most popular change-ups from their $5 Nail Polish Catalog and see what you think about the polishes they are craving for spring … Ready for a refresh? Visit our $5 Nail Polish Catalog and make your picks. Offer ends 3/20, so get yours today! Offer expires 3/20/16 or while supplies last. Offer may not be combined with any other promotional codes or offers. No adjustments on previous purchases. All polishes purchased from the Spring Polish Catalog are final sale, no exchanges or returns. Taxes vary by location. *…


There has been many soaps I wished were in a liquid form over the years. I just prefer hand soap and body wash over the bars no matter how yummy they smell.
Awhile back Macee Leigh had a soap called Cotton Candy. When I say I adored this soap, those words don't give enough credit. I just couldn't get enough of it.Sadly, we don't carry hand soap.Which lead to some experimenting that lead to this recipe. 
 I know I cant be alone in my preference or in the fact that they're are many soaps that smell fabulous that I need in my life. With my new found secret I couldn't resist but to share my simple solution to fix this issue. 1. pick your favorite Macee Leigh bar of soap (of course lol)2. shred (used a cheese grater)3. bring water to a boil (about 1oz of water per oz of soap)4. add one tsp of coconut oil (or whatever oil you wish) and soap to water5. let sit (2 to 4 hours)6. stir and put in your fav container.
BAM ML body wash or hand soap. 
*****NOTE: Y…

New Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo & Conditioner

Discovery Your Blend
  The smoothing shampoo and conditioner (coconut oil and cocoa butter) is my absolute favorite smell from the three I received (free from Crowdtap). It reminds me of the summer and it smells like the tropics. The somewhat clear formula didn’t lather really well so I felt like I used more than I should have. I kept waiting for a good lather, but no luck. While I do know that lather don’t make your hair less clean, subconsciously I kept wanting to apply more. When my hair dried I did not notice any difference in the appearance. On the other hand, the repairing shampoo and conditioner (honey treasures) lathered extremely well. I could see a noticeable difference in my hair in just the first use. My split ends didn’t appear near as bad and it even tamed some of the frizz. The smell was ok but not as inviting as the smoothing shampoo. Lastly, I was sent the hydrating shampoo and conditioner (coconut water and vanilla milk). The lather was good but not as good as the repa…

It's Official

Promotion to Senior Team Builder     Last night as I scrolled Facebook and should of been in bed, I got notified of someone tagging me. As this happens a lot, I almost didn't look till I seen it was one of the co-owners of Macee Leigh.  Then I realized this gal MADE HER FEBRUARY promotion. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!! Who makes promotion without even realizing it, apparently me. I even asked the owner was it a typo lol.

   While I strive everyday to be my best I am still in shock that I did it. I am now officially Senior Team Builder. I can't thank those people who, supported me enough. Nor can I express my gratitude for making this stay at home moms dreams come true. I couldn't have done it without you all and my fabulous team of rock stars. I am so honored to be with this company and can not even tell you how amazingly supportive this company is.
I am even more determined to keep this momentum and achieve the next level asap. My focus right now is my team and helping them rise t…

Happy International Women's Day

Empower, Uplift & Unite    I did not even know this existed till today. I had mixed emotions about it. While it is nice to have a devoted day for us women, should we not do this daily? I personally have made it my mission to make sure those ladies around me are smiling and know they are beautiful. This may be due to may experience in my life. But either way, it is a must.
Just another reason why I love Macee Leigh, we are a family. We are always looking out for one another and this is the true meaning of our moto No Women Left Behind.
In honor of this day, we have two specials.
This and our clearance section has been reduced even more. Up to 80% off. Go ahead and get your shop on at Patience and Macee Leigh.


The Author's Story

It occurred to as I was looking at some old post a few things. First, I have grown so much in my writing and description of items. That makes me so proud as I try to provide useful info to you all. The second thing that I realized was that there’s no personal post.  Well, I think my first one was, but very few. With my findings, I have decided to add a new tab to my blog for personal post so that you all can know the author behind the blog. Today I will tell you a little bit about me. Who is Patience?This title sounds a little funny but I am going to go with it. Lol  I will start with the most important thing in my life and that is my children. While I only have one biological daughter in my heart I claim my fiancé four children too. I have watched them grow, talked with them about their problems, and tend to their wants/needs when they are with us. That’s what moms do, right? While they are boys and I have zero experience dealing with boys, I have remarkable handled it well and feel I …

Feather Babies, A Mother's Love

Mommy Moments
Do remember when you had to take your little ones to the doctors? While it has been long ago occurrence for me, the familiar feeling was present on this day. I felt like this taking these babies the other day to get groomed (beaks, nails trimmed, and feathers. My eyes teared up as my fiancé held them and they got groomed. Needless to say they weren't happy. My mother instinct kicked in as if they were my children.   When we brought Reno home a little over a year ago, I could not imagine holding her, teaching her anything, or even getting next to her cage. All I could focus on was my fear. But for some reason that changed.   We had to hand feed her and the time flew by just as it does with children. She was trying to fly, saying small words, and now sings and talks way too much. But currently mad cause she can't fly now    Scarlet we haven't had long and is the totally opposite of Reno. She's a nervous talker and Reno gets quite around others. She's sacred…


Free Eye Shadow Palette ($54 value!) When You Join Julep BeautyJulep has just announced one of their best beauty box offers yet! For a limited time, you’ll get a Free Eye Shadow Gift with Subscription ($54 value) when you join Julep beauty box. This eye palette is one of Julep’s most popular beauty products, is a best-seller on QVC and normally retails for $54, which makes this a fantastic deal. To get your free gift, choose either a 1-month or 3-month Julep subscription and use code GIFTEYES at checkout. Here are some reasons why you’ll love Julep: Julep is affordable. Every month you get more than $40 of full-size products for just $24.99 per month (tip - prepay for three months at a time and only pay $19.99 a month).Julep offers the only customizable box of full-size, limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations. That means no surprises, no dupes or colors you don't like. You can see what is in your box each month and have the option of swapping out colors/products you already …

TRYAZON is Back!!

There Backkkkkkk!        Are you excited? I was wondering what happen to this site and didn't recall an email stating anything about it closing. Then I get one today stating they have a party called Just Jan's JAMboree now taking applications. This party starts April 15th-16th and they only have 50 spots available. You can also see the other parties that are coming. You don't have to be a blogger. But they use to have some blogger themed was prior. Just throw the party and give your feed back. Amazing huh?  They also have some upcoming giveaways. Go ahead and sign up today.