What is Smiley 360?

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Smiley 360

How does this work?

This site I highly recommend if your wanting something simple to do and don't require a lot of time. Fill in all your info and connect your Twitter and Facebook account. These two social medias are connected so that you can share to them when you do receive your FREE products. Also, pictures of the product are a standard share activity. On occasion they may want a retail review on another site. You MUST do enough activities to get the products "badge" in order to be eligible to receive more products in the future.

When should I receive something? 

I have been with site for a year at least. I can't for the life of me remember how long it took for me to receive my first products. As with all these sites products vary and are based on family composition. I have seen many awesome products from them. I have to say that they are getting more frequent as well with their offerings (a.k.a missions

What kinds of product should I expect?

These vary like all the sites. These are typically full size products but some are sample sizes too. I have received products such as dog food, vitamins, chap stick, coffee, and much more.