What Is Bzz Agent?

How does this work?

  Bzz Agent is a community of people who love to share their HONEST feedback on the items they are offered FREE from this site.  Simply add your info, do all surveys, connect loyalty cards, and link your my points account (not required) to get start. If you don't have a my points account, sign up for one. It's free and another way to earn free gift cards as well as points when you shop online. When you receive campaigns and do the feedback/activities on your campaign some of the activities give you points. These points you can exchange for various things on the my points site. Double win if you think about it. But again this is another site
There is a spot to connect a blog but it also is not required. They have some campaigns just for bloggers.

When should I receive something?

 This took me awhile to receive my first campaign but as long as you keep your surveys done and your info up to date it will happen. Sometimes I get them back to back, sometimes I go a long time without getting one.

What should I do when I receive my first campaign?

SCREAM! haha no, no but I did. Sit tight and wait for your products to arrive. When they arrive simply try them for a few days to formulate some good thoughts. But be completely honest. You don't like it, that's okay. They want to know. But they want to know in detail just like they do when you like it. YOUR feedback helps companies improve their products.
Check your dashboard for a list of activities that are available for your campaign. You should do as many as possible and give details on your experience. It is okay if you can't do. Be sure to use the required hashtags and disclose you received it free. EXAMPLE #gotitfree

What products do you get?

I have seen so many amazing products come from this site, from electric razors to hygiene products, to free coupons for food. These are full-size products but on occasion, it can be sample sizes. Campaign selection depends are how many are in your household, what you like, your location, and if you update to date in your surveys.
Example: Our town don't have a Kroger so when those campaigns are going on I don't get the email. Just as the same with little children products, I only have teens so they wouldn't let me get those campaigns either.
See some of my previous campaigns Coopertone, Arla Dofino,

What is bzz score?

This goes up as you get campaigns, complete activities, and do quick surveys. DON'T be alarmed if this goes down from time to time. This can simply because you haven't had a campaign in awhile or you might have surveys that need to be done.

New to Bzz Agent: Bite-Sized Bzz

This was just incorporated. It does NOT count toward my points or help with your Bzz score. This is simply to keep you in the practice of creating good content. Very cute idea, I think.