Neruim Review* 5 Day Challenge

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Unfamiliar with this company, my curiosity was peaked. I had the chance to speak with a consultant from this company, so I couldn't help but inquire more. Skin care is a topic that never gets boring to me and due to the neglect of my skin in my younger years, I lack the confidence that we all should have. I am a huge skeptic of pictures and results shown my others, due to so many ways that pictures can be edited. My mission is to try products and give my exact thoughts/results for a TRUE guide to others.

My five day Challenge

As the conversation between her and I progressed back and forth with various topics, she asked me what it was about my skin that bothered me. I told her the whole story, from adult acne to the yellow/brown tint that is around my eyes. After seeing some pictures I thought "hmm this might work." and was surprised when she offered me the Neruim AD 5 day challenge of the Age-defying treatment. Quickly, this little bottle arrived.
Neruim Age Defying

The Before

If you have ever tried a new beauty product, you know the high emotions that go along with this process and the many questions that one have. As I read the enclosed book she sent and the directions on the bottle, I was sold at the easy one step process. I loved that this was a pump bottle.
In order to document & give you the complete TRUTH , I feel a picture is necessary (which the consultant wanted me to do anyway) Here's my before, completely makeup free and unedited.

The application

This was simple to add to my routine. Two Steps has my vote.

  1. Apply 4 to 5 pumps to your still damp face and neck 
  2. When you wake up then wash off. 

The texture appears like the consistency of a light lotion and goes on like one. I wouldn't get the same tightening effect each night as I did the first time. It kinda of felt like a mask so I did check to see if this was normal and was assured that it was. After removing my skin felt softer each time.

My Results

My purpose in trying this was the issue with my dark eye lids that have seemed to always been an issue. I never really seek to try to lighten them up. I just assumed it was heriditory and a useless cause. I did not expect anything to change that.
But it definitely has lighten them a tad bit. Overall, I do see a difference in my skin. Can you?
I wish the results were as good as I seen in others. I do see less discoloration and lighten of my eyes. BUT as someone who tests a lot of products, I know that everyone's results are vary.

Neruim skincare products are formulated to improve the appearance of: fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin tone, enlarge pores, and sagging. This bottle retails at $110 with the option to receive it for the price of $80.  There are many other products and package deals.  

Check them all out at Neruim today