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Mommies on a Budget

As you all know I am passionate about finding ways to save. My thought "every little bit saved helps."  Whether you have one or 5 like myself (including my soon-to-be step children) savings may seem far and few, right?
By the end of the year last year I saved over a $1000 and apps like these (and some other sites) made our Christmas completely free. No out of pocket expense
Don't this sound great?
For years I have went through sites, false claims, and spam. Finally, I  compiled my favorite sites, apps and so on for you all so you all do NOT have to go through what I went through. But I do recommend starting a email just for your freebies if you read my other post and wish to start getting them like me. This email needs to be checked daily for freebies. These are all sites I have used, received payout, and fully recommend.
Now lets talk savings apps.............

Walmart savings catcher
This one is a must for me since we are usually shopping there weekly. Walmart has always matched competitors advertising lower prices. 
Did you know? All you had to do back then was bring the ad and they gave you the same price. Cool right? 
Now Walmart has stepped up their game to digital. You can either snap a picture of your receipt from the app or go to the site and add the numbers at the bottom of your receipt. Super simple.
They then automatically search the local competitor ads for you and refund you the difference. Granted this may not be much, but over time it can be amazing.You will see the balance on your dashboard. Which can be accumulated to whenever you are ready to cash out.
You have two options once you are ready, either a e-gift card for Walmart or you can load it to the prepaid debit card called Bluebird. The choose is yours. The e-gift card will be sent to the email you used to sign up. (See details at)

Receipt hog
This one,  I have to say is my absolute favorite. Why? Because of the simplicity ( just snap a pic of the receipt) and the fact that a lot of the common stores for these apps are not in my area. Another reason is this is actually kind of fun. Let me explain, after you feed so many receipts then you can spin the slots to win more coins. (what makes you hit payout) Plus, they just started doing monthly drawings. What does that mean? It means that even recipients that don't qualify for coins still qualify for an entry in the drawing. (like drive thru receipts and take out)
The payout is in PayPal or Amazon e-gift card, you choose.

Now this is a little different. Best way I can explain it is mobile coupons, but they do NOT scan at the register. 
Instead you pick the coupons you need (the coupons change regularly), scan the barcode on the product, and snap a pic of the receipt to show proof that you purchased.
This pays out in either PayPal, Venmo, or other gift cards.
Many categories for savings, not just groceries. As well as many stores. If friends use your referral code the are called your team. This helps you and them reach the different bonuses they have monthly where you can earn EXTRA cash. 
This is not a favorite of mine but still a good one and one I still use.

 As with all my list , I will be updating as I test out the apps. I only want to recommend items that I have used and know work. Be sure to bookmark this post for reference If you have a favorite please let me know in the comments. Always on the hunt for more ways to SAVE. 
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