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I received this product free in exchange for my honest feedback.

My First Impression: The face contour looked a little dark. After applying it was definitely better than I thought, given the dark color. The highlighter, looked cakey up close (like a mask) under my eye, but this could be MY ERROR because I skipped moisturizer that day.  Highlighter was just noticeable enough to look natural. *I used the dab on approach when appying instead of a long stroke*
As you can see in the picture below, the light reflects (the highlighter) and my face looks thinner and the edges of my face look sun-kissed. (face contour) This brings peoples natural eye reaction toward your eyes.

Tyra Take 1 Results

tyra highlighter and contouring

Tyra take 2

Moisturizer and primer in hand I was ready to take a go again I googled different ways to contour and highlight the night before. (By no means am I an expert). But I am learning and love playing in makeup.
 I saw on Pinterest, a face line out with contouring and highlighting. This was not like the others I have seen or been reading. This approach took the contour around the side of the cheeks then stopped, not to the jawline.  Feeling inspired, I thought I would try it this different approach.

This time I glide it across the top of my forehead instead of dabbing it, since it blended good before I wasn’t worried. However, I got some build up that would not blend. I did still have that mask or cakey look even after apply moisturizer prior to the makeup application. I decided to try adding some powder to my finished face. That did lessen the effect of most of that appearance. When I asked others about if it appeared cakey to them, they stated no. Luckily that means it isn't noticeable.

My final thoughts: Overall, the concept and the convenience of the stick is extremely appealing. I am sure it is also less intimidating for those ladies whom what to incorporating highlightening and contouring into their makeup routine. It has a creamy texture once it’s on your skin. Extremely a light wear, to the point I forgot I had it on and slept in it. OOPs (yes I know this is bad)
This definitely brought back memories of my teens. When I first started wearing makeup, I started with a foundation stick. Oh boy, that sounds funny. The makeup world has definitely come a long way since then.

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