Seventh Generation Review *Natural Laundary soap

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Sensitive skin approved

As you all know I am a savvy shopper, if I can go cheaper I will. After shopping and buying from all price ranges, I seen very quickly that laundry soap was not one of those things I could compromise on. But not only for myself , my family.also ( well the majority of us anyway) Itchy and in total discomfort , I was now on the search  for a brand we could use. At this point I was desperate.

I did find one and we used it for months , when another itch/break out spell came about. I took my daughter to the doctor to make sure that this rash wasn't something else. While I never heard of what the doctor told me "find two brands and alternate."  Trail and error once again , ugh
I got this detergent in a Seventh Generation party pack and I don't know why it didn't occur to me to try this then. My mind was preoccupied with giving them goodie bags to hand out I couldn't wait to see their face when they seen all the awesomeness inside, We had a blast 
           I received this product free from Generation Good for my honest feedback.

Well guess what? I was lucky enough to receive three free samples of  this "plant-based formula"

First thing I thought was: oh my this is little, can it really get a load of clothes clean?  Skeptical I thought to myself if this can get my fiances work clothes clean with this little amount, then I need to buy this. Come on you know you use more then the recommended use also? 

The test went fabulous, They were just as clean as the previous brand I used but with less the amount. Now, to test on this on the rest of us in these house. GUESS WHAT? We have a winner, this was actually something that we can all use. I immediately contact my neighbor,who was having similar issues with detergents like us. I ran over to give her a sample to try for her self. She said I was just in time she was putting a load in right then. lol

Her feedback: I wanted to add more soap to the washer as I always do. I just didn't see how that little bit could get something clean and I missed the smell (this is unscented). When they dried I was surprise that with my bladder/bowel issues these were not only clean, but there was no oder.