Lip Twin TIMELESS *Macee Leigh Review*

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On our 12 days of Christmas deals, we announce the one day special of these lip twins (lip liner and lipstick). As a makeup addict, I could not refuse this deal. While matching the liner to the shade of lipstick can be fun, it can also be a headache as well as time consuming. So anything that saves me time, I am all for, When they announced they are back I couldn't have been any more tickled.
all colors of the lip twin by Macee Leigh
Blushing - A light to medium pinkEnticing - A rich burgundyIntrigue - A brick redTimeless - A coppery brown
While I gave into to temptation and purchased them all, I have to say Timeless was my far the most appealing color on me. Although, I wanted all these rich and gorgeous colors to suit me, Just look at this gorgeous color, What a perfect color combo!
lipstick swatches from Macee Leigh

When I ordered I thought for sure that this was pink in color and that I would be re-gifting this to my sister. I was surprised when I put it on. First off, it was not the color I expected. It is a combination of a pink and brown undertone. This reminds me of the nudes I wear often. I absolutely adore this color.
Before I go into the second thing I noticed, I have to tell you I don't like the feel of lipstick so I usually don't wear it. To me it feels really heavy on my lips and usually is drying to my lips. Not to mention the fact that I am constantly drinking water and smoking so the lipstick don't last. Who has time to constantly reapply? Not me. 
When I applied the liner, I noticed it was a more copper red tone and was worried that it wouldn't look good with the lipstick itself. But it blended perfect and was not an issue. 
What really sealed the deal with this lip twin was the long wear. I drank a pot of coffee and smoked and this bad boy was still sitting pretty on my lip. I couldn't believe it. This rich in color and long wearing combo is definitely a must have from this company. Not to mention the fact this did not dry out my lips.

Macee Leigh does have another lip product called Lip Glaze, which is has a pluming effect. But the glaze it a lightly pigmented shine gloss. We needed a long wear lippie and finally my prayers have been answered. 
Check them all out at Macee Leigh


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