Happy New Year

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Each year I see/hear so many people start the year with a positive note. With resolutions and determination best intentions are set forth. But this year, I decided to do something a little different. First, we our adding a new tradition.
We have already added one.
Secondly, instead of listing the things that we aren't going to do or what we are going to give up this year (resolutions). We have decided to set a list of things that we want to achieve in this year.
For me it mostly pertains to my business. Reaching moms who want to make a little cash and stay home. engagement on my fan page, more YouTube videos, and starting my Periscope.
Personally, I am focused on learning from every angle of my interests. Like blogging, networking marketing, and dealing with my illnesses.

I have great feelings about this year and can not wait to see what it brings.