Posh My Top Picks (Review)

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If you're not familiar with Posh, you need to be. All of their items are $25 or less, as a savvy and smart shopper that was the first thing to grab my attention. I love deals and sales as you all know. The products are also made in the USA, have natural ingredients, no fillers, many vegan options, and NO ANIMAL TESTING. What more info? See Perfectly Posh, pampering you can afford

              Pistachio body scrub

Vegan * Petroleum Free
I am hopelessly addicted to scrubs, of any kind. Lip, body, if it says scrub on the packaging I think I need to have it.I have tried probably the majority of them in search for that perfect scent and this one my dear friends is it.
Okay, I know what your thinking! Pistachio, that does not sound inviting nor does it sound as if it would smell fabulous, right? I thought that too. I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived. The smell is heavenly.
So what is in it, you may be wondering? This sugar, shea butter,and walnut shell body scrub with a sweet pistachio gelato scent will scrub away the dead skin and return your skin to a healthy glow.

                                                                                                                                                                 Hottie Patottie hand cream

Yet another product I tend to hoard is lotion. But the last few years I have been made aware of the things that can lurk in these items. My findings are scary. Hence the reason why I love Posh so much, affordable and good stuff in it.
This brown sugar vanilla, will have you wanting to rub it all over your self even though its a hand cream, Thick consistency but easily blended in your skin. It is long lasting in both scent and making your hands soft.

In The Clear face mask

OH THIS MASK, This one is like none of the other mask they have and in my opinion it's the best they have.
Now let me tell you why! I love mask that dry like they should be peeled. This one does that but easily washes off. It tingles and you can feel it tighten so you know its doing its job. Not to mention that ever since I have been using it my period breaks out are a think of the past. Definitely a must on my shopping list.
What is it? Naturally astringent peppermint join kaolin and montmorillonite clay for a deep clean & a PH-balancing mask, Apply generously to clean skin, Leave 1-5 minutes and then remove.

              Brazilian Bombshell body butter

All the body butters do the same. They hydrate and have kept my winter dry skin at bay. I think this is my favorite based on the fact alone that it reminds me of summer. The fragrance is a mixture of sun tanning oil and the tropics. I can't even begin to describe how heavenly it is.
What is it? Indulge your skin in brazil nut and babbasu oil. They preserve elasticity and naturally protect your skin.

AND THEY HAVE A REWARDS PROGRAM, which you can get you FREE products.

Rewards Program 

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