October Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Think #Pink

 While I haven't had any experience with this nor have I had anyone close to me deal with this issue, I still want to bring awareness to this amazing cause. Since I escaped a domestic violence situation a few years ago, I have made it my duty to actively uplift and empower woman.

Glamulet is just one of the amazing companies that are supporting this cause this month. They are donating 50% of this months sales, isn't that amazing? The next logical question would be, what is Glamulet right? They are a jewelry brand that specializes in charms, in which they design, manufacturer, and sell.

  Please take a few minutes to watch this amazing video and take the time to help spread awareness.

If you have suffered from breast cancer or have had a loved one deal with this, please share your stories in the comments. Give your loved one a shout out and always let them know they are important everyday. As you know, I have lost a lot to death this past month and it still is a very vivid pain. (not to cancer)
                                                     Will you join me?