Macee Leigh New Products Alert

I am excited to announce these new products. Mostly because I am a pamper person.  Many of my customers had asked me about these and FINALLY I can say "Yes ma'am we sure do carry them." As you know our convention was last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, we got to try these before they went live and this girl could not quit talking about it.
So what are they, right??

I can't begin to accurately describe the luxurious feel you get when using these. I am so not a bath person. But the minute I returned home from convention, I could not resist. The aroma called my name the whole way home. 
This combination of bubble bath ( yes you read right) and the benefits of a sea salt bath had my skin feeling as soft as a baby. I literally dozed off in the tub a time of two until my fiance said "are you ever getting out." I then opened my eyes and still seen bubbles. Could I have really been in there that long? The bubbles were still there. As my children say: it's not time to get out till the bubbles are gone. These have now turned into my foot soak since my time is so hectic. I can soak my feet and read bedtime stories, like a boss. Love & relaxation. You should definitely try it!

Next awesome new product we have is Nourishing Body Lotion.
At convention the pumpkin scent was in my goodie bag, but I traded for the Caramel Apple. (shhh)
I just couldn't resist this amazing fall scent. It reminded be a my grandmothers house on the holidays. We were comical when they showed us these, well maybe it was just me. I smelled each one and couldn't decide which is my favorite. Especially since the Love smelled just like our love potion soy pebbles and soap. I have been wanting them to produce a lotion like this. Ah my prayers have been answered.
This is a very light consistency which blends easily and to me has a cooling sensation when I put it on. The scent stays with you all day and soothed my drying elbows. ( thanks to the new cold thats came upon us)

Lastly, and my absolute favorite is the Save Face masque.

Oh me , oh my!! I could go on and on about this masque. Masks are one of my beauty weaknesses.  I have to say, I was a little worried about this one when I pulled it of our goodie bag. BUT here's why: I am a huge scent person, this has none. I was then explained as to why it didn't. Our goal is to make products that sensitive skin people can use so I am just out off luck with a scented mask.
When I put it on I was not expecting it to be this AMAZING. It only takes 5 minutes to detoxify your face and that fact that it gentle enough to use everyday.( which I have been doing) This has now become my NEW favorite. Just announced it is on sale till October 11th.