JAMBERRY Review *Nail Wraps

To use or not to use?

I have first introduced to these some time ago, my first thought was wow they have some cute designs. But immediately I thought about my nails are not shaped right for glue on nails ( always have to buy two packs to do my hands), would these be the same? No way I can fathom spending $30 (two sheets of Jams) to do my nails when I can do them cheaper.

   I attend a lot of Facebook parties and seen one that was giving free samples to the attendees. Here's was my chance to try them without having to spend the money and them not working.  I received a sample sheet of accent nail wraps with about 4 different choices, like expected they did not fit. (minus one I received later that fit on my pinky finger) I got a lot of bubbles and not matter what I did, it just WASN'T working for me. I ended up getting really frustrated with them and said to myself "never again will I try this"
        Long story short I have a few close friends who do this business for a living. I was determined to get the same results as they were getting since I know that they were actually showing me their nails and they got great results made me determined to get those results.

What do you get when you order?

  When you order you receive what they call a full sheet. Which is suppose to be able to get 2 manis and 2 pedis. This sheet DOES NOT work for me the way that it does most. My nails are big in size and 3 of my nails are actually the same size. But here's how it is supposed to be for the average nails. (smaller nails can get more also)

Common issues 
  1. lifting
  2. falling off
  3. size issues
  4. method of applying
  5. Bubbles

The Solutions 

After many videos and suggestions, I have gotten a lot better with them. I now use scotch tape to outline my nails and place on the nail wraps and cut them to fit (cutting is aggravating since I shake). So this helps with the size issue.

Next thing that I thought might be an issue was the fact that I was trying the cold method (see YouTube) and the hairdryer. Although they say this will work, I realized it was an issue for me (these need heat that I have only found to work with the Jamberry heater) They now stay longer like they state they do. This graphic helped me with proper times of heat. It will help keep them on longer. BE SURE TO APPLYING LOTS OF PRESSURE when placing them on the nail.

       Another issue, I also found that my cuticles and the sides of my skin were preventing them to stick. Once any skin touches the wrap, your basically screwed. I have to push the sides and cuticles WAY back, which return over the suggested gap they tell you to leave. ( my OCD does not like that) But it isn't noticeable to others. 

Final Thoughts

 It really depends on how bad you want them to work.  This requires PATIENCEPRACTICE, and a lot of time. If you have trouble finding glue on nails to fit you, I recommend doing the tape method I mentioned above with these. I still get some bubbles but you can take the flat end of the tweezers (heated) and smooth them out. The trick is a lot of pressure and the right amount of time when heating.  You can get weeks wear with these, if not longer. I just always cant wait past a week. I had given up before but now they overflow in my cabinets. LOVE THEM.