Gel Nail System Review: Jamberry TRŪSHINE

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Will Trūshine has taken Jamberry to a new level?

Jamberry trushine
I couldn't resist I had to order.
Long awaited and finally went live as of September 1.
When it arrived I couldn't hardly contain myself.  Nails prepped and waiting as I stalked the tracking.
The instruction are included and are basically fool proof (simple process)

How to apply

  1. *After washing your hands and prepping your nails; pushing back your cuticles, wipe over your nails with the prep wipe.(included).
  2. *Apply a light coat the base coat (included) and then place under the led light for 45 seconds (light cuts off automatically) Be sure to wipe the excess off the sides to prevent it from cracking/lifting later and burning.
  3. *Apply the color and set again under the led for 45 secs (be sure to remove the excess off the sides of your nails each time before placing under the light ) Do the same with the second coat of color.
  4. *Apply the top coat (clear polish and included) and set under the light for 45 seconds.
  5. Wipe down again with the prep wipe to remove the stickiness/tackiness.
 Salon nails done in in the privacy of home

My conclusion:

The automatic shut off of the LED lamp makes it easy to know when your time is up. Which I think is an awesome feature. The step by step instruction are easy to understand and make applying simply for even the amateur of users.  Just be sure to get the excess of the sides of your nails or it will create a lift and chipping (and a heating/burning on the skin) While it is a good chunk of money in buying at first, if you do the math, it saves you money in the long run. ( based on the average of a salon goer)
Removing was a little weird. They come with this little nail packets that have a sticky backside that you stick together so that they stay on your nails. Soak for 10 minutes and gently take your orange stick and it flakes off no problem. When you take your nail out, you will think it didn't work, I THOUGHT THAT TOO.

High quality and long lasting. Money well spent.

Be sure to check out Jamberry's YouTube video on how to apply.