Week Wrap Up

  I have about gotten things caught up from my trip to Michigan. I haven't been there in so long that it hurt extremely to leave. 
   I got to see most of my family & returned home 2 days ago. Things have been hectic to catch up. I let everything go while I was gone. Minimal social media, little working my business, and as I am sure you have seen; no blogging. But I am BACK. Who missed my deals and posts?
   I am exhausted and have already started a new semester, so once again there isn't enough hours in the day. 
 Monday's is always a day I dread. But I look forward to getting back to work and back on my schedule.
     I got my upcoming giveaway scheduled to go live soon. This one will be based on DS ( direct sales) companies. Of course it will include my company, Macee Leigh as well as a few others.  
With that I will end with: How was your week?

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