Week Wrap Up

YAYA Last week of the semester and I can not begin to tell you how much I am ready to be done it. This was the toughest semester for me. I am scared to see my finally grade in the history class. Quite sure that I will be doing this one over again. I gave it my all though but am highly disappointed.

With the extra time I have I have so much I want to do. I have some coffee cans that I am making into canisters. A lot more DIY projects I would like to do, but really just want to sleep. I would like to draw again too.

I need to work on my 30 minute Facebook party album. Wait! Have you all heard about it?  If you have been to a Facebook party before, you know it can be look, random, and depending on the person: BORING. Not to mention blowing up your notifications. This is why I didn't do but like three. I tried two approaches and while they went well, I just felt like I was bothering people.
There is a new and improved way to party. If you would like to host one and get you some FREE or HALF-PRICED goodies, comment below and I will contact you with more info.

I am about done gathering items for the next giveaway. This one will be DS ( direct sells) related. Shopping small businesses helps so many families. I love to help others and I want to share these amazing companies/people with you. I seriously can't wait. Who's excited?

Where's my nail ladies? Monday's post will be a perfect fit for you. Be sure to come check it out.

With that I will ask: How was your week?

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