Week Wrap Up

Once again the weeks go by fast and time seems as if there is never enough. HISTORY class still is giving me trouble & I am lost as to what to do to keep from failing. I hate failure. I have NOT failed a class yet but this seems to be more then I can do. 3 more weeks and this semester is over, YAYA.

I am debating on whether to take a break or not. Feeling overwhelmed has me just so tired. Also it seems as if my disabilities have been working in over drive. I have NO motivation and focusing seems impossible. No matter how much I stick to a schedule, it's just not working. GRR.

I'm a little sad cause it seems as if all of my team has some personal things going on. As their friend, I want to help but don't know what to do. A lot of the things I see people go through , I have been there. It truly breaks my heart. I don't like to feel powerless. But as a person with bipolar and depression these are things that are a constant struggle. I never know "what person I am" until I wake up. I can be overly happy or severely low. Everyday is truly a struggle. Most don't even know that I go through this. They see the smiles and the selfies that appear that everything is okay, but deep down there is a never ending battle that fights to survive each day.

I have encounter quite of few people whom suffer from them same issues and these people are my lifeline. They keep me going and bring smiles to my face. I never thought in a million years that someone you never met can have such a impression in your life. I pray for these ladies daily and try to return the love and support to them as well. Here's my plea to all of you reading this; take the time to send a "hey how are you" this can make an impact that you wouldn't expect. Reaching out only takes a few minutes but has a lasting affect for those whom struggle daily.

With that , I'll ask how was your week?

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