Week Wrap Up

UGH ...every felt this way.

It seems as if I am pushing so hard to get through this semester and to get things done, constant struggle for energy. I have tried every product out there it seems. I take vitamins and eat right, even get enough sleep. But the outcome is the same. I never give up and just wish there was something I can do. 

Sunday's are my plan day and pamper me day. ( nails , soak, read a book) BUT today I don't even want to do that. 

Super excited about quite a bit lately. My brother girlfriend is having a baby and it is the first boy between the siblings. (My sister and I have girls ) My dad is beside his self having his first grandson and they are naming it after my dad. (and my brother's name) 

Wednesday brings excitement for my team as I am overhauling the page and getting them back on track. I have BIG prizes and resources to get them going. I cant wait.
Macee Leigh has added over 50 new items and I couldn't be happier. Some as low as $5. I love that this company has some standard items that are restocked but that the items are regularly added. This ( in my opinion) help so much with speaking to a large variety of potential customers. Plus the prices are affordable and so is the shipping. Once you shop, you will be addicted.. I sure am.
 With that I ll ask How was your week?

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