Week Wrap Up

This week has had me doing nothing but research, research, writing, and more research. I have had no time for nothing.  I have two essays and a Power Point due Tuesday. My progress has been minimal due the fact that I have to keep rereading. History just does not want to sink in my brain. I will have to say though the brief stories that are written from a person in that time, is interesting. I do like that. BUT the dates get lost in my head and I can not maintain focus.
I have super emotional because I feel as if I am neglected those whom I care about. I even had a lady asked me why I was not talking with her anymore. Between blogging, product reviewing, work, and school my plate is actually over full. As much I am a makeup person, I have not even put makeup on since I been back at school. That should tell you HOW exhausted I am. Which sucks since I just got eight new pigments from Macee Leigh. Who can resist a sale? Not me. 

Which leads me to the next thing I have to tell you. We just added some MORE jewelry. ( most $5) Great incentives for you teams or even stocking up for Christmas. Never to early to shop. Plan ahead I always say.

Still planning for convention and have not lost one bit of excitement. I am a little nervous because of my anxiety. I have grown to love these ladies even though my only interaction with them is online. Several of them I feel a strong connection with and it may be a little odd BUT it is very really in my heart and have even grown attached to my customers. 

With that I will ask: How was your week?

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