OHD Dream Box ( sub box)

Subscription people look what I found. I know a good bit of my followers ( and myself ) LOVE sub boxes.
  Have you heard?
 This new subscription box is destine to be the next crazy. 
Introducing the OHD Dream Box

June box

 As you know subscription boxes are great way to try before you buy.I know I personally don't want to buy a product and then it sit in my cabinet unused because I didn't like it.  You receive 5 to 7 samples each month plus free shipping
There is four ways to choose how to pay:
  1.  One month $15
  2. 3 months( prepay) $40
  3. 6 months( prepay) $80
  4. 12 months ( prepay) $160 
 The first thing that caught my eye was the Lashem 3 in1 eye bright.I have heard exception things about this brand. I have dark circles and no matter how much sleep I get, I always look tired. This is supposed to help with that, plus help decrease redness and puffiness, nourish the skin, and decreases the fine lines. At first touch it seemed to feel a little oily but instantly dried as I patted it under my eye. I evening felt a little cooling effect, not sure if that is normal but I liked it.

Next thing I received was a pair tweezers by ELO Grace, I actually was happy about this because I often loose mine. I love that it had a cute little floral print that actually match the colors of my other beauty tools. Very nice touch to be included. It even got those pesky hairs that I have had trouble getting. My theory a girl can never have to many tweezers. Don't you think?

Those of you who know anything about me know I'm addicting to scrubs of any kind, so when I seen this Clinique 7 day scrub, I wanted to immediately go shower.  This is light scent and a light feeling of scrub.It rinsed off easy and my skin was so soft that I didn't need to apply lotion. Clinique is a great brand and this meet those expectations. family asking 

My next eye catcher was the Toes in the Sand scented cubes. Yet another product that has my name written all over. I had to buy an organizer just for all the scents for my warmers. I may have an addition as bad as my makeup collection.  These cubes have a unique smell. I can truly say that I have never smelled anything like it. The best I know how to describe it is fresh, clean, and pleasant. It will definitely have your home visitors asking  What is that scent?

I have just recently started using bronzer so when I seen this compact bronzer sheets by Mary-Kate and Ashely, I was intrigued. Maybe I'm behind on the time but I didn't know these existed. Seems like a genius idea to me, especially for all of us on the go moms. The box slides out and has 50 sheets. It appeared rather dark and I did get it all over my hands upon opening. Hesitant,I did apply this to my face. It was very easy to get to much in one spot BUT blends very easy for that healthy glow we all desire.

Then I noticed the lotion, cha ching, a lotion hoarders dream. Then I was immediately sadden when I seen it said lavender. I have tried various companies scents of lavender, none where for me. Organic crime Lovingly Lavendar lotion was a little different though. It was not a floral scent or what I remember the other lavender scents being. To me this was more aromatherapy scented. A sense of calming came over me as I applied this. It is a heavier lotion that I would not where during the hot summer months. These heavier lotions make me sweat more. However, this would be an awesome winter lotion, very moisturizing.

Two more items laid at the bottom of my box: dishwasher detergent pods from Ava Anderson and 2 vinyl stickers from Uppercase Living.  The detergent pods came with a catalog that has a variety of items from baby care to candles. Unfortunately, I don't have a dishwasher to try them. But the two decals will be used on one of my many DIY projects. Love and happy will go on anything.

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