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 Are you looking for a way to bling out your hair?

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 Meet Bethany Dular

She is an amazingly sweet lady. When I asked continuous questions she always responded with the answers in a timely manner. Not to mention she did so with the a sincere happiness to share her passion. To me that makes all the difference. Customer care is important and with Bethany that's what you will receive. Connect with her on facebook and tell her I sent you. Here's is her story as she stated to me when I asked her what got her started with Lilla Rose:
    "I got started because I was talking with a friend about how fine but long my hair was and i had the hardest time finding anything that would stay in so I could where it pulled back/half up... told her i had a wedding coming up and she said you should try a clip from Lilla Rose...I was of course skeptical because i knew i would be busy and dancing and thought this will never stay in... well needless to say i got one, did my hair for the wedding only pulling back the sides with a xsm flexi and left the rest down.... got back to my room after the wedding and reception and it was still perfectly in place! I was hooked!! "

I was not familiar with this company and was eager to learn about them and what they had to offer. The design sounded a little intimidating to me but after watching a few YouTube videos I seen just how easy they are to use and they are absolutely beautiful. I was lucky enough to try this well made and awesome designed flex clip. Here's the one I received. Is this not beautiful?

          Made for all hair types.  Here is a guide to better help you choose one.
These are well made and super easy to use.  Some many styles and colors to choose from.  I need some of the bobby pins to add to the collection of Lily Rose items, I have now started. Have you seen them
This months flex of the month is ladybugs..OMG it would make a great way to pin up my daughters and my nieces hair up since the hot weather in Alabama is brutal. I can't wait to see what is next months is. Be sure to check back and see for yourself.
 Come check out all the affordable items of Lilla Rose today. Comment and let me know what you get.

Lilla Rose Hair Accessory