Week Wrap Up

An unexpected visit from my Maw Maw this week was super nice. She has been like my mother since I moved to the Alabama/Mississippi area at the age of 15. We were extremely close until a tragic event distance us. BUT she is still very close to me in my heart.
Last few days of school and I am so looking forward to this time off. I am taking some much needed me time.I feel extremely exhausted. Sleep would only make it worse by putting me behind. I am going to focus on my business during this time off. I would love to add 3 more to my team and add a salon to my customers list. This will be my goal for this next week. Oh and getting my team their packages. 
Final exam has me completed stressed out, cause guess who forgot about the holiday weekend ?  Yea, me. So fingers crossed that I can still have an available time Tuesday ( the day it is due). I have done fair in this class but if I do not take the final exam, it is automatically a failed class.
Now if I can get Legend house broke I will be one happy momma. No home for the birds lol. 
Enjoyed the day fishing with my love and my step son. I was so wore out I went to the car to wait on them and charge my phone and fell asleep. Even got a little of a tan and caught a fish. 
With that I will say How was your week?

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