Week Wrap Up

Things are going good. The semester is coming to a close and I can see a little light. I only have one final exam , but of course it is the class that I have had a little trouble understanding. I am looking froward to having a week off. I plan on doing some drawing. I have stepped back from reviews since school but with the little break I get I intended to pick up some.

I can final say I am registered for our first annual convention and half my ticket paid.  BAM!!!! I could not be more excited. I have been searching for the perfect outfit and shoes. I already have the perfect makeup since I have Macee Leigh in my life. I truly love what I do. Plus bringing these amazing deals to people.
Depression has seemed to subsided for now. But anxiety has taken over. I will manage. Some days are just better as others. I will take it one day at a time and go from there.

How was your week?

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