Week Wrap Up

I can never remember each day and exactly which day things happened. Think I will write a little of each day and just revise on weekend wrap Sunday.  Well this girl totally passed both my exams and the semester. Not really looking forward to the next semester cause I just want to rest.  Not to mention that I will be taken history next semester , ugh. That is definitely going to be the class I struggle in. History seems to be mush to my brain. Wish me luck.
I was happy to finally get one of my team mates care package out. She seemed really happy,so that makes me happy. I have one left to go. After I sow here initial in her bag I believe it will be ready to go out.

Things are still hectic around here even with being out of school. Catching up on some reviews and things I have wanted to do that are work related.  I think I am going to reevaluate some things to lessen my load. I feel exhausted all the time and just can’t seem to maintain all I want to do. I want to draw so bad but by the time I get everything done I just want to not do a thing.

Upon networking today, I encounter a lady selling It Works after several hours of chit chat, I asked her to take a  look at my site….and then she blocked me. I was in shock. Is that not what networking is? Sharing your passions and helping each other. My feelings was hurt actually. I just can’t understand people these days. It makes no sense. I love to help everyone and don’t expect nothing but respect. I suppose that is too much to ask for in today’s day in time.  I will never change being me but will not allow others to mistreat me again. Too much bad has happened and I will not be the victim no more.

On a lighter not I have finally had the time to do a YouTube video and I got it uploaded. Woop woop Go me.  Check it out

  This company is truly amazing and you will fall in love upon purchasing. Not to mention my customers get random package for their support. 
With that I ask How was your week?

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