Bella VoxBox from Influenster

 Every time I see that label Influenster my heart races with excitement. This one I was extremely excited about since it has mostly beauty products in it. Like I need any more beauty products, but I definitely want them. 
                            Who's ready to see whats in this VoxBox?   

The first thing I tried was the mascara and lipstick made by Rimmel by Kate. Although, I am not a fan of lipstick due to the fact that it drys out my lips and it comes off to easy. I just don't have the time to reapply constantly. But this felt like silk on my lips. I barely noticed it was there. While this was not my color, I was so pleased that I will be trying to find a color that suites my complexion. This non-lipsticking wearer has changed her mind about lipstick. The mascara was okay but not nothing that made it stand out, beside the shape of the brush. It went on smooth and with minimal clumping.

Next, product I tried was the Eco Tools new brush. Lord, I have never experienced something soft. I was completely shocked. I am sure I am not alone when I say this, brushes intimidate me. while I am extremely fascinated and actually have a variety, I am not quite sure what does what and the proper use of them. This I simply applied all over and with the makeup I used, I had a flawless and completed look. I got to get this whole set.

Are you ready summer ready?
Get your legs ready with Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This went on sheer and rubbed just like lotion, but adding a healthy glow to your skin. I liked the glow it gave me legs. The color was a little off for my skin, so I used sparingly. Would I buy? More than likely NO. Only do to the fact that it just seems to be an unnecessary step to my routine.

 Not Your Mothers Deja Vu do Style Extender
This is my first style extender use. I absolutely love the smell. that alone had my vote. Infused with red apples and berries this had my hair smelling amazing all day. My hair gets extremely oily and I was thinking that this was not going to work for me. I normal have to watch my hair everyday due to the oil build up. Luckily, this both absorbed the oil,repelled dirt and made my style last. A totally win, win. I will be looking into the whole line.

Snack time anyone?

Dove has come out with whole berries dipped in chocolate. While I am not a fan of dark chocolate, the quality of chocolate was amazing. I was personally looking forward to the taste of fruit but did not get that. All I could taste is chocolate. This is definitely for those chocolate fans.

Lastly, enclosed was a Club W voucher for the first bottle free. This is a monthly subscription box. Like beauty box subscriptions you answer a few question and they then give you suggestion based on your answers. You can skip months if you choose and select the wines you want as well as the quantities. 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.

Well lovely readers, I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my BellaVoxBox as much as I did sharing with you.

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Macee Leigh Exciting News.

  I know you all have heard the stories and people claim that companies change their lives. I use to roll my eyes when I seen these kinds of statements. Until I was introduces to Macee Leigh.
 I thought wow they have a little of everything so that reaches a wide number of people. Then I seriously had no idea where to begin. I thought to myself for about a month ( maybe longer) "what was I thinking"  (by signing up). How was I ever going to sale, I never leave the house due to some severe anxiety, depression, and some other issues and some other physical issues. What happened next truly brings me to tears.
  I received an email stating that she wanted to help me with Macee Leigh. I was shocked by this act of kindness, it is far and few these days. We began corresponding back and forth for some time. She gave me ideas, motivation, encouragement, and most importantly she touched my heart, as well as became a dear friend. While I can go on and on about this amazing lady, I want to get to my exciting news without crying. 
  As you all know I have found my place in this world with this company, my purpose , my passion and an income that I would never know otherwise. But the friendships I have developed I would have never imagined. I pray for them each night and will always have them in my heart.

This company is not even a year old and has made amazing progress. We are now in DSWA and growth of our specialist are have maintain its steady flow. Which brings me to my news: Macee Leigh is having their first annual convention. I am so excited I can not sleep or focus on my school work. It will be in September in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily, that is a doable driving distance for me. Not to mention A GREAT way to celebrate my birthday. ( a little after but oh well) I will be there with bells on and can not wait to come back and tell you all my experience and meet all my ML sisters.  

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Gorgeous Summer Brights 4-piece Welcome Box Free for New Julep Maven Subscribers

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.
Summer Brights Welcome Box Offer
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