Week Wrap Up

 School is had things super hectic and I get my days completely mixed up. I often think have I put to much on myself. Some days it seems like I have but I try to remain positive and say to myself " you can do this."  But most days it seems as if I am not giving the attention that I want to give to all the areas in my life. Do you ever feel this way?
  I have slightly pulled away from doing as many reviews, which saddens me. I love to write and I love to let people know what I experience with products. 
 On a lighter note, I am doing an online vendor event. We have multiple companies offering specials for the event. I am happy to share Macee Leigh with others since most still have not heard of the amazing company. This is my first event and I would love to have you all join and experience all the specials. Mothers Day is right around the corner. Are you prepared? Join in the games at Mothers Day Multi Vendor Event
   I have accumulated enough items to start my cash and carry for my business. I am super excited because people can save on shipping. Even though our flat rate price of 5.98 is awesome, who doesn't like to save?
  With that thought, I will ask How was your week?

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