Week Wrap Up

  This week has been a blur, really!  I started school April 1st and everyday seems to go by super fast.  Exhausted is not the word for how I feel. I was shocked to see that I have to do a paper in the first week. This has not been my experience with other classes. UGH.
 I definitely have been procrastinating. I get so nervous the first week of school because teachers grade different. I had a teacher give me a 100 and I felt as if it was a C. Oh I don't know. While the layout for grading is set, some will nit pick more. It is hard to explain really. If you are in school, then you know what I mean.
 Not sure if I have wrote about this before but when my parents divorced, I moved with my father. Then we both decided to move to Alabama. To me, my dad is how most girls feel about their mom. I can not explain it sufficiently, really. For the most part, he is aggravating, nonsensitive, and sometimes downright rude. If you don't know him and how he is , you would think he was a instigating.... well you know.
 Sometimes I even wonder why I am so attached. Lol. But attached I am. I do not really like country music or the old rock my dad listens to or plays. However, as I have gotten older those moments ( no matter how annoying) have grown close to my heart. 
 As I watched him play today, I seen things I did not want to see. He continues to lose weight, his liver spots seem to be multiplying by the dozens, and he always look tired. 
 While I know we all will age, this has just hit me hard. I think it is because it seems as we are burying family every other month. I just know that I will have a complete breakdown when the time comes for me to let him go. I just do not know how I will ever to live again.
  Wow, I was not expecting for this to be a sad post. But my writing is my form of release and my passion. With that,  I will ask:
            How was your week?

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