Weekend Wrap Up

Finally, I am feeling a little better, but the constant lack of energy just seems to be a normal part of my life. It reminds me of an old depression medication commercial that says depression hurts. I recall saying to myself "no way does it hurt." However, now I know that it does. 
  While I have been off and on medicine my whole life, I have decided not to take them and deal with my symptoms myself. Some days are harder than and some day I even forget that this has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. 

   On to my animals, Legend is getting a little taller and his belly is so big. Here is insight to his one of kind personality. 

   He has become a permanent resident in my hoodie or jacket. Apparently, he is okay with this since he stays perfectly still. He is super smart to be so young, already somewhat using puppy pads. His next adventure this upcoming week will be going outside. The sun is shining bright today and he just might go out today.
 Sadly I have to say that we had to trade our Moroccan Cockatoo, Peaches for two Amazon birds. She was more than I could handle with school and the other animals. She was eating the walls and I literally had to watch her 24-7. I hate to see her go but the high maintenance she required was beyond our capabilities at this time.
 One of the birds we got was giving to my fiance's oldest son. He had been wanting one and could not afford.  The other one looks just like our Reno, but bigger and his lower beak is dark where Reno's is not. Say hello to Paco !!
While Paco and Reno look the same, their personality's are different. Reno is still a baby and Paco is less vocal. Well, at this point, it might be because he is adjusting to his new surroundings. We will soon see.

 As a freebie addict and product reviewer, I am always loving my mailbox. However, this is from my business Macee Leigh. The sparkle packaging and the little "just for you" stickers make me feel special, not to mention the hand written thank you. 
 I could not resist our new eye pigment shades. It took me so long to decide. I ended up picking the champagne and Titanium. Today I am going to try them and take some pictures to share with you all. I also had to buy another warmer because I broke my bowl on mine, grr. I got the set stress reliever since I have been feeling overwhelmed, at $20 for a set I would rather just get a set instead of the warmer alone.  
 The last two things you see pictured is our mascara and the face lift. I have heard so many great things about this face cloth that I had to try it for myself. I want to be 100% sure of the effects of all our products to give you my personal results. I love it already. 
 Yesterday was my no makeup day and I was amazed at the dirt that was left behind on this cloth. I will be doing an upcoming review. Be sure to check this out.
So How was your week?

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