Week Wrap Up

    This week I have been trying to get everything caught up and prepared for the next semester. I do not know if I can handle all the animals, school, work, and home. I have tried to get things ahead of schedule. At least for the first few weeks of classes.
  We got another amazon. Yes another one. What happened? Peaches (the cockatoo), had  and decided that she had to eat the walls and floor and more. My fiance found a man that was willing to trade her for two amazons. Which was ok, because he loves amazons and his son had been wanting one. Worked out great,or so we thought.
 After a brief period of time his son did not want it. You know what that means, she had to come here. I only thought it was right. 
 My dear Legend is growing so fast. Too often he reminds me of having a toddler. I have his toys in a pile in the corner. He insists on bring them out and having them everywhere. OMG! He definitely keeps me on my toes.
 Matt and Molly are basically not even here. They just sleep, eat, and sleep. I did get them to play with their new toy though.
  As far as Macee Leigh, we just got nail polish and an eye serum. If they don't stop launching I am going to even more broke than I am now. 
   With that i will have to ask: How was your week?


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