Week Wrap Up

   Super late with this post. Sorry everyone. I have been hard at work. Our company is having a game based on the survivor show. Who is familiar with the show?
   Just like the show we have been teamed up and challenges. Challenge after challenge I worried but have made it. Today we are no longer in teams, we are solo. Only one winner, but to I have already won.
  I got to know three of my fellow Macee Leigh sisters a little better. We got amazingly close in a short period of time. I am so proud to have met them and how we came together.
  I was headed to start today's post and low and behold we launch lip glaze and primer. Of course, I had to inform my customers quick.
                  Are you ready to see them?

More than just these to choose from.

On the home front, Legend is definitely growing. He hangs out my hoodie. I find him comical. Like most little dogs, he thinks he is a big dog and has tons of energy. Which I wish I had.                                  
Paco, is finally warming up to us but he is still not where I want him to be. If I stand beside his cage he will put one foot on me but will not step onto me. I know he will get there. I just want it now.              
Reno's words are getting clearer and clearer with each day that passes. Even though she has a piece of my heart, her fondness does not belong to me. It    belongs to my fiance. It does bother me at times cause I am here with him/she during the day and we have had her/him the longest. But I know she does love me.                                                    
Matt and Molly, oh what can I say about them. They are the least work. Basically, they sleep all day and run around all night. They did receive a toy courtesy of Temptations and Influenster that has them excited. Upcoming review on this as well.                           
With that I will ask: how was your week?

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