Week Wrap UP

  My week has been a week I never want to relive. Snow does not happen often in Alabama. When they said we were under a winter storm watch, I am sad to say I did not believe it. I moved to Alabama from Michigan for a few reasons, mainly because I do not like snow. It may be pretty but it puts me in a unpleasant mood.
  With that said, when it started coming down like the flood gate had open, I small part of me said "aww." However, I still thought well it won't stick. Not only was wrong, but what lied ahead I was not prepared for.
  As the snow accumulated of course I paid little attention. My fiance kept insisting that the power was going to go out and that I needed to make sure that everything was charged, water bowls filled up for the animals and what not. Did I listen? NOPE 
 One hour before my weekly show, Stalker came on the power went out. Still I thought well it will only be a few hours. Well those hours turned into days. Need less to say I felt lost without being able to blog, sale, or communicate with others. 
  I took my phone and charged it in the car, but the phone ran down super fast,which infuriated me. Even the red lights where out in our small town. Once the power was on in town, I thought for sure that we would have power within a few hours. WRONG! Yet, another night and day of nothing. Finally when it came on and a instant happy dance came upon me. 
 The mess is still beyond description outside and to cold to deal with at this moment. The pressure of the snow caused the owning to fall and shut us in. We ended up having to cut it to get out. 
 Think that is the end?  Last night the water line busted and I literally wanted to scream. It was an easy fixed but busted again this morning. 
 With all of these events I have little time to promote and sale. I love what I do and this has made my week even worse. We had a challenge and I was unable to qualify due to lack of internet. 
            Moving on to the good in my week.
While this key chain may seem insignificant to some or not of value, this means more to me than I can begin to describe. Sales have never been my thing due to a lot of reason, mainly my anxiety. This company has supported me in ways that I never knew any company would. The owners consider us a huge family and that is rare.
I have formed so many meaningful friendships through out this experience and have broke out of my shell. (Well a little). I am so honored to be apart of this fairly new company and look forward to the upcoming years with all these amazing ladies. I know if I can succeed. Anyone can. So glad that two wonderful, amazing ladies took there dream to the next level, which made my dream come true as well. I also want to thank Sara Lamere Halliburton for touching my heart and giving the nudge to go where I never thought I could. 
This my first step in my goal in Macee Leigh and I'm so excited to get this next. Here's till forever Macee Leigh
  How was your week? Hope better than mine.

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