Flav Fusion Infuser water bottle Review

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    Are you a health fanatic or just getting started?
I have dieted off and on my whole life. While I have never been excessively overweight, it has always been a concern of mine. I finally realized that back and forth dieting was not good for my body either. 
  This year I decided to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Meaning less sugar, not buying things that tempt me such as cheesecake , ( my mouth is watering thinking about it), exercising during the weekdays, and so on.

I received this product free for my unadvised feedback
What you see here is the simple process broke down for your viewing. On the left is the screw top that goes on the top where in insert the fruit of choice. Then it screws to the lid and back on the bottle.

  I have seen quite a bit of these bottles around that has a place to put the fruit. At first, I thought why did they make these bottles, just another pointless purchase. 
  I had tried lemons in my water before, but would only do it from time to time. I began increasing the times a week I added lemon to my water. This led to the discovery as to why this product was invent. Have you ever drank a seed? I have. It does not feel good at all.

 I instantly fell in love with this product. No more worrying about drinking seeds or pulp. I even went and bought a variety of fruit so that I can try different combinations. By the way, berries is not one of them I recommended. I could not taste it in the water. The flip to makes drinking fun, my daughter wants to steal it.
There was only one minor thing that I would change, the cylinder. It needs to be a little bigger. I could not get the lemons to fit and got a little frustrated. I had to cut them very small. Once done drinking the were stuck in there.   
I really like this bottle despite the minor issue. I will be getting another one as soon as possible. Interested? Head over to Amazon and get yours today.