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TEMPTATIONS SNACKY MOUSE™ Cat Toy Review *Influenster

 Meet Molly and Matt
  She is almost 2 years old.  We adopted her and her brother from the animal hospital when we was getting shots for our dog, Aleta.
 She tends to be a baby when no one is around. I really could not ask for a better animal. Low maintenance and minimal love.

Matt seems to be easily scared and only wants love at bedtime. He also is almost 2 years old. His one blue eye and one yellow eye captured my heart from the very beginning. Well, they both did.
 They mainly sleep all day. Rarely do they venture outdoors. Usually not past the door steps. Although, Matt did stay out for a few days at a time during this past summer. Needless to say I freaked out each time.
  I have tried to get them snacks and more active with little success. I finally found a treat they LOVE, Temptations.
 When these box arrived I was worried they were not going to play with eat. I knew they treats would definitely get ate. I decided to show it to them separate. Matt first, he seemed confused for a …

Week Wrap Up

This week I have been trying to get everything caught up and prepared for the next semester. I do not know if I can handle all the animals, school, work, and home. I have tried to get things ahead of schedule. At least for the first few weeks of classes.
  We got another amazon. Yes another one. What happened? Peaches (the cockatoo), had  and decided that she had to eat the walls and floor and more. My fiance found a man that was willing to trade her for two amazons. Which was ok, because he loves amazons and his son had been wanting one. Worked out great,or so we thought.
 After a brief period of time his son did not want it. You know what that means, she had to come here. I only thought it was right. 
 My dear Legend is growing so fast. Too often he reminds me of having a toddler. I have his toys in a pile in the corner. He insists on bring them out and having them everywhere. OMG! He definitely keeps me on my toes.
 Matt and Molly are basically not even here. They just sleep, eat, and…

Flav Fusion Infuser water bottle Review

Are you a health fanatic or just getting started?
I have dieted off and on my whole life. While I have never been excessively overweight, it has always been a concern of mine. I finally realized that back and forth dieting was not good for my body either.    This year I decided to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Meaning less sugar, not buying things that tempt me such as cheesecake , ( my mouth is watering thinking about it), exercising during the weekdays, and so on.   I have seen quite a bit of these bottles around that has a place to put the fruit. At first, I thought why did they make these bottles, just another pointless purchase.    I had tried lemons in my water before, but would only do it from time to time. I began increasing the times a week I added lemon to my water. This led to the discovery as to why this product was invent. Have you ever drank a seed? I have. It does not feel good at all.

I instantly fell inlovewith this product. No more worrying about drinking seeds or pulp. I e…

Week Wrap Up

Super late with this post. Sorry everyone. I have been hard at work. Our company is having a game based on the survivor show. Who is familiar with the show?
   Just like the show we have been teamed up and challenges. Challenge after challenge I worried but have made it. Today we are no longer in teams, we are solo. Only one winner, but to I have already won.
  I got to know three of my fellow Macee Leigh sisters a little better. We got amazingly close in a short period of time. I am so proud to have met them and how we came together.
  I was headed to start today's post and low and behold we launch lip glaze and primer. Of course, I had to inform my customers quick.
 Are you ready to see them?

St.Patricks Day top five picks

In honor of this holiday, I thought that it was only right to share my favorite nail designs with you. 

This would be how I would have done my nails. There are some pretty green colors out there but I feel as if they look funny on me. I am fascinated with just doing my tips and this is pure awesome, don't you think?

Heres my last of my top five. I really , really like this.
 I hope that these have inspired you like they have me. I believe I am about to try one. Even if the holiday is almost over. I guess I will just not add the shamrock lol
As I see it with Bluebutterfly

Weekend Wrap Up

Finally, I am feeling a little better, but the constant lack of energy just seems to be a normal part of my life. It reminds me of an old depression medication commercial that says depression hurts. I recall saying to myself "no way does it hurt." However, now I know that it does.    While I have been off and on medicine my whole life, I have decided not to take them and deal with my symptoms myself. Some days are harder than and some day I even forget that this has been a struggle for as long as I can remember. 
   On to my animals, Legend is getting a little taller and his belly is so big. Here is insight to his one of kind personality. 

  He has become a permanent resident in my hoodie or jacket. Apparently, he is okay with this since he stays perfectly still. He is super smart to be so young, already somewhat using puppy pads. His next adventure this upcoming week will be going outside. The sun is shining bright today and he just might go out today.  Sadly I have to say tha…


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Julep Lucky March Mystery box

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links
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Week Wrap Up

As some of you are aware, my uncle Jason passed this week. It has been emotionally draining and I have done a lot of sleeping. I still feel like I could sleep for days but I am pushing myself to get back to my schedule. 
 The funeral was beautiful and we all pulled together to see that it that things got done, a true sense of family came shining through this horrible tragedy. I got to see two of the three boys my uncle Jason has. I had not seen them since they where barely walking due to the fact that once my uncle and his wife separated their mom moved them to Louisiana. I also got to see my other two cousins and my only brother that I had also have not seen in at least 10 years. It was definitely an emotional time and the presence of these faces made it harder even though I was so glad to see them. 
 My brother and I was super close before I left and came to live in Alabama. Our relationship deteriorated due to lack of communication and distance. I missed him very much but he never k…

Week Wrap UP

My week has been a week I never want to relive. Snow does not happen often in Alabama. When they said we were under a winter storm watch, I am sad to say I did not believe it. I moved to Alabama from Michigan for a few reasons, mainly because I do not like snow. It may be pretty but it puts me in a unpleasant mood.  With that said, when it started coming down like the flood gate had open, I small part of me said "aww." However, I still thought well it won't stick. Not only was wrong, but what lied ahead I was not prepared for.   As the snow accumulated of course I paid little attention. My fiance kept insisting that the power was going to go out and that I needed to make sure that everything was charged, water bowls filled up for the animals and what not. Did I listen? NOPE   One hour before my weekly show, Stalker came on the power went out. Still I thought well it will only be a few hours. Well those hours turned into days. Need less to say I felt lost without being ab…