Weekend Wrap Up

  Have you ever felt like the week was never going to end? This has been my week. We add yet another animal as of yesterday. Say hello tho Peaches the cockatoo.
 I know what your thinking, yes we I got a puppy last week and yes we have a "zoo", but we can not turn them away. This beautiful bird was not properly being taken care of. As you can see in the picture is has a bald spot on her chest. What you can not see is what she looked like when we picked her up. Her hair was matted. It truly broke my heart. This picture was taken after she had a bath and looks a thousand times better than she did.
 This brings me to my next topic. I wish there was away to make people realize that animals are not just to look pretty. They require a lot of time. People need to research the animals before taking on the responsibility, especially when it comes to birds. They need fresh fruit and vegetables and they also require time. This bird was left alone all day and had become bored to the point of plucking itself bald. Truly makes me sad and this is the reason we continue to get more animals.
 On a lighter note, I have a logo for my YouTube channel. YAY! I can not wait to get my videos up and going again. Be sure to check it out at  As I See It with Bluebutterfly on YouTube. If you are not a subscriber be sure to hit that button as well as follow me on all social media's. That way you know first when my giveaways go live. I got a giveaway on Instagram that I started a few hours ago and when my fan page on Facebook hits 500 I am giving away a warmer and a oil. Are you entered?
 The weather has had the mail delayed and I am super frustrated that I have not gotten my surprise packages out. I have not even mailed my sisters Christmas present. I guess I get the award for the worst sister in the world. She has been super understanding but I can not wait for her to get it. I usually get for my nieces but this year I decided she need to be pampered. As a mother I know we as women put everyone else first in our family's. So I know she needed to know that she is appreciated and loved. 
 A lot of tragic events have taken place in my life. I have decided about a year ago that I have to move on. While the pain is and always will be present, I have taken a vow to not let these situations kinder me and my growth no longer. I have also made an effort to lift woman in kind words, prayers, and giving back. This is not meant to be sexist by no means. I just want to support woman and them to know that they are beautiful no matter what they may think. Another reason I love Macee Leigh company, woman owned and woman supported. With that I ask;
  How was your week?

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