Week Wrap Up

   This week I have been in a daze. I can not seem to remember what all I have done. Anyone else ever experienced this? It is like all my days are running together. 
  I did manage to started planning a direct sales event. It will be in July. I already have a list that I will be working though to pick reps from each company. There will be a big giveaway with an item from each vendor for those who order. I am still working on the all the details. This will be my first event and I can not describe the excitement I have even though it is still a good ways away. Planning is the key to things going smoothly, right?
  How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Here is one of the presents I got.

 Is he not just the precious thing? Okay, I will admit we have an animal obsession. With the current passing of my chiweenie Aleta, I am quite sure that my fiance thought that the new puppy would be soothing to my broken heart and until today, it was working. All sorts of things are going through my head. I am not looking forward to potty training another animal. Not to mention, it already feels like I do not have enough time in the day to achieve all I want to achieve.  How can I tell him that this beautiful little blessing is not a good idea?  I can not to him this. As a animal lover, I am literally torn and want to cry at this point. I will be heading back to school soon and I do not know how I will maintain these animals, my blog, household duties, studying, and my reviews. I want to say I can do this. But I am thinking that it is going to be to much and my grades will suffer.
 Work is going good. More and more people are joining. I am so happy to see this fairly new company grow. Today is the last day for our $5 signup. We have added some new scents to our soaps and oils, headbands, and scarfs. More are being added in the next few weeks. So so excited. Especially, over the makeup.  New items always excites me.  With that exciting thought I will go and leave asking you:
  How was your week?


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