Week Wrap Up..

  I have decided to add a some set days to blog for personally things, topics, or maybe even a rant or two. I love to write and have neglected this passion. As part of my resolution this year I want to focus a little more on my passions. My Youtube channel is going under a new look as well. I am so excited. It will be like my blog is now: As I see It ...with Bluebutterfly
  This week was full of excitement. Our bird, Reno is getting clearer in her talking. I feel like I did when my daughter started talking. She is only 6 months old and has not been weaned long. I was scared of her at first because of how big she is. Rapidly, we grew attached to each other. Like a child, she has her moments and can
be temperamental. I was worried with two cats that it might be more than I can handle or that the cats would try to hurt the bird. However, they love each other as you can see in the picture and I love them. 
 Also, I am happy to announce that two awesome ladies joined my team this week. Which has had me beyond excited. I could barely type to tell them how to get set up. I love my company, Macee Leigh and I am honored to share this amazing company with anyone. It is one of my many passions.
 Sadly, I have had to take a brake from school due to some unexpected circumstances. But I can not begin to describe how I miss it. I know that soon I will be back at this journey and have my degree in business management soon.
 How was your week?



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