Week Wrap Up

  Boy, what a week! I have been super sick, thanks to my soon to be. I never get sick, but when I do it is horrid. Of course that recurring monthly friend decided to join me while I was sick. Needless to say this has not been a very productive week.
  My company has a weekend special for sign up. I have not been able to promote the $5 sign up as I have wanted. My business means a lot to me. Unlike other direct sales companies, I do not feel like just another number. The love and support is unbelievable. It makes me strive that much harder. I suffer for OCD and severe anxiety. I never thought that I could sale anything. All my sales have been through social media. I am truly shocked at my success. I know if I can succeed in this ANYONE can. 
 I still have not been drawing and that makes me sad. While I am not the best artist, I do have some talent. With any  talent, if you do not practice it is a waste. So once again, I am going to commit myself to draw this upcoming week.
  I did however, manage my business folder and plan a few surprises for my team. Finances have been tight, but I can not wait to get these gifts to my amazing team. Speaking of that, I was pleasantly surprised this week with an unexpected gift. My Macee Leigh mom ( Suzi Royal), she sent me this:

  For those of you who do not know, my dog Aleta was run over right before Thanksgiving. It was a very devastating time and is still is very hard to deal with.  I understand that things happen in life, but I will never understand people actions. If I had been in that situation, I would at least have the decency to let the owners know. 
  This bracelet was add to our boutique shortly after this happened. I wanted this in remembrance of her, but was just unable to spend the extra money. Needless to say, that when this arrived it was bittersweet and had me in tears. I can not begin to describe what this meant to me. This is just another reason to justify that I made the right decision in representing Macee Leigh.
  I am constantly researching ways to improve my blog, my health, my habits, and so on. Thanks to an amazing blogger, Sophia from Sophia's Critiques I was able to find a easy way to add social media icons to my blog.  Here is the link, if this is something you would like to do as well Carrie Loves
 With that note, I am signing off to start promoting. 
        How was your week?


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