Macee Leigh Fiber Mascara Review...Flash your lash

  Grow Your Lash

 My eyelashes are small, thin, and barely noticeable, without a magnifying glass.Or better said, no lash at all. Since my eyes are small, this is where I focus my attention when applying makeup.
no lashes 

                      What to do? What to do? 
   I have heard great reviews of the fiber mascara, but I could not find one that was reasonably priced. On the other hand, if it does what it says, then maybe it is worth it, right?
 Then I came across a price that I would not mind spending. $20 with Macee Leigh! Would it be worth it? Can I get the results that others get? Will my eyes look unnatural and/or spidery? The questions went on and on. At that price, I could not resist and I now I have the answers.

 When I found this deal, I was still a little hesitant to try because of my experience with another brand did not go well. (upcoming post) This came neatly wrapped in glitter paper and on the receipt was a handwritten "thank you."  The cute, little pink case caught my attention and I immediately started to think of ways to reuse the case once the mascara was gone.  For those who are not familiar, it comes in two tubes. One is the fibers and the other is the transparent gel. 
Macee LEigh Mascara two tubes

HOW TO APPLY: transplanting gel, then fibers, and another coat to seal the fibers

Start with freshly cleaned eyelashes. Even when you wash your face the night before, mascara can still be there the next morning. Since I have little to no eyelashes, I brush, curl, and powder my eyelashes before applying any mascara. I use powder to see the smaller eyelashes in my inner part of my eye. However, this is not a necessary step. 
   As you can see the fiber brush is smaller than the transplanting brush. I recommend very light, even strokes when applying the transplanting gel and only do one eye at a time. When applying the fibers, DO NOT apply them at the base of the lash line. This will cause unnecessary irritation. Apply the fibers midway and at the tips. Be sure to apply the transplanting gel as a last coat to seal the fibers to the eyelashes. Some flakes of the fibers is normal.     
Fiber mascara
  On the left is my amazing results! I could not be any happier and so is my checkbook. As you can see they look natural and a have no clumping. My length has extended remarkably. I am in love with Macee Leigh fiber mascara and will never again use another mascara. I was shocked to find out that these help your eyelashes grow. I was noticing that my eyelashes seemed to be growing, but I never thought of it being the mascara. When I later talked to the owner she told me that this fiber mascara promotes growth. As if I was not hooked enough.  Can it get any better than this? Don't you want some?