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Perfectly Posh Review, pampering you can afford

Who doesn't love to be pampered? 
As a mom the is can be hard to find the time. This year I have decided that this was one of the things, I was doing this for myself on every Sunday. Nails, facial masks, toe nails, soaking my feet, etc. What I did not realize is that some of these an be highly expensive, but as always I have found you a alternative. Posh has all your pampering needs! Shall we learn? All About Perfectly Posh all USA made and certified Naturally LY basedloaded with essential oilsonly uses sensible animal productssustainable palm oil & rosemaryNO sulfates, parabens, lanolin, & phthalatescruelty freeALL ARE products are $25 and under  I love that these are affordable and loaded with essential oils. Those of you that regularly read my blog, know that I have become quit fascinated with uses of these oils. Also, I like that they are USA made. These something I try to do as a consumer, support USA products.  Now on to the good stuff. I got to try the Make out magic, G…

Weekend Wrap Up

Have you ever felt like the week was never going to end? This has been my week. We add yet another animal as of yesterday. Say hello tho Peaches the cockatoo. I know what your thinking, yes we I got a puppy last week and yes we have a "zoo", but we can not turn them away. This beautiful bird was not properly being taken care of. As you can see in the picture is has a bald spot on her chest. What you can not see is what she looked like when we picked her up. Her hair was matted. It truly broke my heart. This picture was taken after she had a bath and looks a thousand times better than she did.  This brings me to my next topic. I wish there was away to make people realize that animals are not just to look pretty. They require a lot of time. People need to research the animals before taking on the responsibility, especially when it comes to birds. They need fresh fruit and vegetables and they also require time. This bird was left alone all day and had become bored to the point…


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Week Wrap Up

This week I have been in a daze. I can not seem to remember what all I have done. Anyone else ever experienced this? It is like all my days are running together. 
  I did manage to started planning a direct sales event. It will be in July. I already have a list that I will be working though to pick reps from each company. There will be a big giveaway with an item from each vendor for those who order. I am still working on the all the details. This will be my first event and I can not describe the excitement I have even though it is still a good ways away. Planning is the key to things going smoothly, right?   How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Here is one of the presents I got.
Is he not just the precious thing? Okay, I will admit we have an animal obsession. With the current passing of my chiweenie Aleta, I am quite sure that my fiance thought that the new puppy would be soothing to my broken heart and until today, it was working. All sorts of things are going through my hea…

Recycle Bank

Today, I want to share this amazing and informative site with you. With this site, you learn ways of reducing your waste, ways to cut back on utilities, and much more. You can also enter your zip code to find the nearest recycling center. 
  Each articles have various numbers of points. The points can be exchanged for all kinds of rewards. 
Here are some of my favorite reads:
Travel-Sized Bathroom Tips for Less Waste
Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle
What Is Recycling Contamination?
Ways to Shop Smarter

  How cool is it that they reward you to get informed? Rewards and the amount if points for them vary. Click here here to find the complete list of rewards. from coupons to magazine subscriptions, the choices are endless. Come and check it out

Macee Leigh Fiber Mascara Review...Flash your lash

Grow Your Lash My eyelashes are small, thin, and barely noticeable, without a magnifying glass.Or better said, no lash at all. Since my eyes are small, this is where I focus my attention when applying makeup.

                      What to do? What to do? 
   I have heard great reviews of the fiber mascara, but I could not find one that was reasonably priced. On the other hand, if it does what it says, then maybe it is worth it, right?
 Then I came across a price that I would not mind spending. $20 with Macee Leigh! Would it be worth it? Can I get the results that others get? Will my eyes look unnatural and/or spidery? The questions went on and on. At that price, I could not resist and I now I have the answers.
 When I found this deal, I was still a little hesitant to try because of my experience with another brand did not go well. (upcoming post) This came neatly wrapped in glitter paper and on the receipt was a handwritten "thank you."  The cute, little pink case caught my at…

Week Wrap Up

Boy, what a week! I have been super sick, thanks to my soon to be. I never get sick, but when I do it is horrid. Of course that recurring monthly friend decided to join me while I was sick. Needless to say this has not been a very productive week.
  My company has a weekend special for sign up. I have not been able to promote the $5 sign up as I have wanted. My business means a lot to me. Unlike other direct sales companies, I do not feel like just another number. The love and support is unbelievable. It makes me strive that much harder. I suffer for OCD and severe anxiety. I never thought that I could sale anything. All my sales have been through social media. I am truly shocked at my success. I know if I can succeed in this ANYONE can.   I still have not been drawing and that makes me sad. While I am not the best artist, I do have some talent. With any  talent, if you do not practice it is a waste. So once again, I am going to commit myself to draw this upcoming week.   I did however…

Week Wrap Up..

I have decided to add a some set days to blog for personally things, topics, or maybe even a rant or two. I love to write and have neglected this passion. As part of my resolution this year I want to focus a little more on my passions. My Youtube channel is going under a new look as well. I am so excited. It will be like my blog is now: As I see It ...with Bluebutterfly
  This week was full of excitement. Our bird, Reno is getting clearer in her talking. I feel like I did when my daughter started talking. She is only 6 months old and has not been weaned long. I was scared of her at first because of how big she is. Rapidly, we grew attached to each other. Like a child, she has her moments and can
be temperamental. I was worried with two cats that it might be more than I can handle or that the cats would try to hurt the bird. However, they love each other as you can see in the picture and I love them. 
 Also, I am happy to announce that two awesome ladies joined my team this week. Which …