What is Macee Leigh?

  Macee Leigh was started by two amazing ladies, (who are best friends) with a dream to make affordable products for everyone and to empower women. With this dream they adopted the motto " No One Left Behind." Meaning that everyone has a chance to succeed with this company. No matter the race, gender, size, income, etc. You are welcome here.

  I have tried a few direct sale companies and had no luck in making sales. I felt alone in this process and unguided. Or I could not join due to the high start up fees. Have you had this experience?
   Macee Leigh specialists help each other and are willing to assist in any questions or concerns that arise through the entire process. The support I have received is phenomenal. I could not be happier with my decision to join. The friends I have made I know will last a lifetime. I am confident that you all will share my excitement if you choose to join. 
       What products does Macee Leigh have
A little everything!   Makeup, jewelry, clothes, aromatherapy, oils, nail wraps, and more. Check out all the available items at Patience & Macee Leigh If you have any questions I will gladly assist in anyway I can. You can comment below or message me via any social media.
 The important thing to me, is that this company makes you feel appreciated. The packaging that your items arrive in, feel personal and bring a smile to my face each time I open them. Wrapped individually in cute glitter paper and thank you stickers, as well as a handwritten thank you. This makes it personal.
  If you are unsure of joining but would like to keep updated on sales and new products. Then you can like my Facebook page for my posts at Patience & Macee Leigh We are constantly adding to our line and I would be honored to share these specials with you.