Christmas D.I.Y Simple Done

   Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It brings a comfort to me as I decorate and finishing up my Christmas shopping. With all the money that is used on gifts, I have very little to spend on decorating. With that said, I thought I would share some ideas with you that are inexpensive and some that can be done from items you probably already have on hand. 
   Lets start with my favorite. I love snowflakes but hate the snow. That is why I moved to the south, well for the most part anyway. Snow is beautiful but to cold for me.
Wooden Clothespin Snowflake Ornaments - Easy to make homemade ornaments or gift toppers using inexpensive wooden clothespins
 Take the clothespins apart and arrange them together as shown. It is really simple. You can stain them or spray paint them. I am doing the white spray paint. I like  to make stuff for our tree. Just tie a string or add a hook and this project is done. You could also do a smaller one and attach it on top of this one for a layered look. Or add it to a present.

  Now who does not have cardboard laying around from various items we buy weekly. No matter how big or small this is simply adorable. Add some glitter or paint, then add an ornament for his nose or even cotton balls dyed red. Indoor or outdoor this will definitely catch the eyes of people. How cute! Several sites have free downloads for templates.


    This gives a new meaning to sticks. Arrange in the desired letter or shape. Then use a glue gun and pile them to make it sturdy. Use various links and there you go. I used a cardboard backing when I tried this after this picture caught my eye .This is so cute and yet so simple.

 This caught my eye because we have so many mason jars that i use for storing things. I thought about ideas before but soon dismissed them. Then I seen this. To me this is absolutely stunning. 

Go  to for the complete instructions. She has a video and it only requires a few things to do this.
  I hope this gets everyone inspired and I can not wait to hear your thoughts. Have ideas? Share them too!