House party Loreal & Redbook

     Who loves having House Parties? I know I do. Have you heard that there is a website that will give party packs to host a party? Party packs vary and you can apply for different ones such a cooking, books, Hasbro game night, and so on. If you are not a member you should definitely check out the website.  Now it is a little hard getting picked. It took me several months before I got one. You just have to hang in there and apply for the ones would enjoy. I do not recommend apply for everyone, because as soon as I stop applying for them all and only applied for certain ones I really wanted, I finally got picked. Those of you whom viewed my previous post have seen the Hasbro Game party that I threw courtesy of House party. This time I was selected for Loreal and Redbook. I was complete shock. 
Here's what I received :
  • 1 Copy of the all-new REDBOOK (September Issue)
  • 1 Full Size Miracle Blur™ Instant Eye Smoother
  • 1 Sheet (for you to cut out and distribute) of 16 $2 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother coupons
  • 6 Total Repair Advanced Haircare Packettes
  • 10 Triple Resist Advanced Haircare Packettes
  • 11 Free 1-year subscription cards to REDBOOK for guests (pink bar)
  • 11 Free 1-year subscription cards to REDBOOK for friends (black bar)
  • 13 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother Samples
  • 15 Colour Riche® Extraordinaire Lipcolour
  • 30 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Original Beautiseals (2 per guest)
  • 45 Revitalift® Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother Beautiseals (3 per guest)  
This was a day of pampering for me and my friends. I made high heel mini cakes and had fruit and yogurt for snacks. They could not believe the samples that were given. I wish we had a place where we could have shared the experience of washing our hairs together. I was shocked that with just one wash with the Loreal, my hair looked shiny and it even defrizzed it.  I set up a beauty bar. Each girl had a mirror and chair where we applied makeup and the lip gloss that was sent with it. Laughing and gossip we lost track of time. I left out the fact that they got a year subscription to Redbook, at first.  I started looking at the new issue of Redbook and passed it around. Then I asked them what they thought of the magazine.  Of course their reaction was great. They loved it. I asked them what would they think if I had them all a year subscription free. They hollered "YAY" like high school students who just seen a celebrity. I knew my party was a success and I can not wait to host the next one. This party could not have been better. 
The results with the miracle blur varied. Most were happy,
I did not see results with this product. I am going to continue to use to see if that helps. I love the way that it makes me feel pampered.