Chapstick Hydration Lock (smiley360)

   I love being a member of Smiley 360. For those who do not know it is a website that sends you various items, completely free for your honest feedback. If you would like to join please leave me your email and I will send a referral link.
  Smiley 360 just had a dashboard change and I had not had the chance to get a "mission" lately. I had my fingers crossed when this mission for the new Chapstick, Hydration lock or day and night 24hr.
  I am a huge fan of chapstick. I literally have them everywhere and continue to buy more. I was grateful to have this chance to review this Hydration Lock Chapstick.

  The first thing I noticed was the design. The colors are complimentary to the design and I love the blue colors. Which I am partial to blue, being my favorite color. This is the first one I seen that has a chapstick on both ends. If I was to see this in the store prior to getting it from Smiley360, I would of definitely picked this up for that feature alone.
    One side is for renewing and the other is for moisturizing. Double protection in one spot. The moisturizing formula is infused with antioxidant CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Spheres. The renew side is made from natural butters, such as Shea and Mango. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and the anti-aging formula gives you a fuller, younger looking lips.  What more could you want? Now that is a amazing all in one product.
   I am in love with this chapstick. I have not picked up my other chapsticks since I received this one. Matter of fact, this stays in my pocket. I have not used it much, because it last all day. The renew side feels a little oily to my lips, so I use sparingly. With the moisturizing side, I put more on than I do with the other side. It is so light that It does not feel like it is on. I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning by lips feeling like silk. If I could kiss myself I would. My soon to be husband also asked if I was using a different brand, Shh...this is our secret.  I want to try the day & night 24hr protection also. I can not imagine it being better than this. Very curious as to what the difference is.