Bully Sticks Review

Aleta's Experience

Bully Sticks Review dog
I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased review

Everyone meet my chiweenie (weenie dog and chihuahua), Aleta. She is s almost a year old and weigh about five pounds. Her personality like no other dog I have ever encountered. If it is possible for animals to have ADHD, then she has it. Everything excites her.
  She has been raised with our two cats and shares everything with them. They do everything together. You would think that feeding time would be an issue as well. However, luckily this has never been an issue.
  Pictured is her initial reaction to the Bully Sticks. I was a little worried about doing this review, because when it comes to snacks/treats, she is picky. When I captured this picture she seemed a little confuse as to what to do. She licked it a few times and did not seem to want it.
   Although, her reaction seemed uninterested at first. I knew that with anything new I had to show her it was okay to have. I pretended to eat them, (don't judge lol) yet still nothing. I came up with a new plan. We have an Australian shepherd who stays outside, I gave him one and he was excited and ran off away from Aleta to consume this treat by himself.
  Later, I let Aleta out to use the bathroom and when she returned she has the Bully Sticks in her mouth. I am thinking she need the other dog to bite it and get the flavor out first. That is the only thing that seems logical to me.
  As she was chewing the Bully Sticks, I watched. My female cat, Molly seen that Aleta had something and came to investigate. What happend next completely shocked me, Aleta growled at Molly. Molly was just as surprised as I was. Molly was determined to investigate further and Aleta continued to be possessive of her Bully Stick. She loves them. I later found them hidden in her dog bed.
  Getting up in the morning is always eventful with my crew. (two cats, dog and a bird) But I have a funny moment to share. First let me explain, we have shelf like places that is about waste level, this is where I keep the snacks for the animals. They are aware of this. They have never tried to mess with them, but this morning Aleta was trying to pull them done with her teeth. I was amazed. She has never done this.
  If you have a dog try these Bully Sticks. They are obviously good to have made my dog act out of character, The Australian shepherd also loved them. So this can be for good for any size dog. I like that they are big and will last awhile, especially for my small baby.

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