Skintimate (Crowdtap)

    How many of you guys know what Crowdtap is? Well if you haven't, I will have to fill you in on this amazing website. Crowdtap lets you give your opinion on products. In return, each brand has a monthly drawing. The more points you get,(doing activities such as posting to social medias)the more chances you have for that brands monthly drawing. This is a great way to save for Christmas. That is what I am doing anyways. Crowdtap also has sampling events in which you can apply for. I am honored to say I was choose to sample Skintimate Mandarin Burst. 
I received this product free in exchange for my unbiased review
 This amazing smell wakes up all your sense. I am a huge fan of this shaving cream.  It moisturizes and hydrates your legs. My hair is coarse and is hard to get, but this does the trick. My legs are baby soft and gives me the confidence to put anything. The brands I have used in the past had my legs feeling dry and the next day it felt like I need to shave again. NOT with Skintimate. My legs are silky soft for days.If you have not tried this you should. It is available at all your known stores. ( Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Freds, Family Dollar, etc). At this affordable price ( 2.97 Wal-Mart)I would hate for anyone to miss such an amazing product. Are you legs Skintimate Happy? Mine are.
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Ipsy Beauty Schooled August bag

 For those of you who don't know Ipsy is a monthly makeup subscription. The cost is only $10, a price you can not beat. Mascara alone cost almost that. You will fill out a small questionnaire so that products are match to your likes. Once you sign up there is a waiting list, however follow three of the makeup artist on YouTube and share the post on Facebook and you will skip the wait. If your interested use my link: and please comment on this post so I know. Once you get signed up, you will also have a referral link in which you earn Ipsy points for additional products that chance each month. This months bag was titled: Beauty Schooled
Here is what I received: Lord & Berry #1001 color black silk. It was very small, which was disappointing. I love the color black and don't use other color eye liner often so the color choice was great. It clumped as I glided it across my eyelids which was frustrating but sharpened good. But after a few sharps it was nearly gone. Next, I received Urban Decay Perversion mascara.(black). I love, love this. The length it extended my eyelashes where amazing and clumping was minimal. My eyelashes where even thicker looking. YAY. Again, this was small in size and is now gone. Thirdly, was Jersey Shore Sun anti-age lip conditioner. To me it felt a little oily, but I love that it is organic. The smell was a smell that I often smell with green products. It is not that it stinks but a smell that most aren't use to. My first green products I could not decide if i liked it or not. It grew on me but I feel better knowing I am doing my part to make the world a little better. Next, was Paula's Choice Clear ultra light daily mattifying fluid. It has a SPF of 30 plus and it moisturizes. It helped with my oily skin. I was a little skeptical to try this. I received Paula's Choice free as a result of being a Bzz agent, I did have the results that everyone was reporting. But it has definitely helped with my oily skin and that I am very happy about. Not to mention that it is anti-aging. Which is a concern as I am turning 34 tomorrow. Lastly, I got Costal scents Forever Blush. It was to colors in one little compact. I am sad to report that i can not give my opinion on this because I don't wear blush and gave it away. It was a pretty coral color and another pinkish color. Absolutely beautiful colors, just not for me.  Each product comes with a code for different percentage off if you want to buy more. I was not to pleased with this bag. However, this is the first time. I already got this months bag and I am beyond excited.
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