Ipsy Sensationally Sunkissed

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     5 in 1 Bare Minerals  (BB advanced performance) SPF 15
Nailtini    color: Mango Rita  .5 fl.oz
Hang Ten dark tanning spray SPF 08
Clear Clinic  Vanished (clear spot treatment) 2ml
Tints & Sass  (cheek and lip stain) color: cherry .35oz by Elizabeth Mott

I was leary of the color choices in this months IPSY bag. The Bare Minerals eyeshadow seemed too dark for my taste, but I tried it and was very surprised with the results. The color maintained its stay all day! (90 degree weather) I was also happy that it had a spf because I try to protect ALL areas of my skin. The color match my skin completely and was lighter than expected. It went on very smooth.and silky. It is available in 10 neutral shades. Next we have the nail polish, Nailtini. The nailtini was a great size and the color choice was ok.  It was a creamy mango with shimmering gold, and a satin finish in just two coats. It did last long time (about a week) and dry pretty rapidly. However, it was thin and streaky. Too many coats for my taste and I still could not get a even coat.  Thirdly, we have the tanning spray. The Hang Ten tanning spray was the product I was most excited about. I laid out with even coated legs. I only put it on my legs because this where the sun just does not wanna get. I did not like the oily feeling but the results was worth the few minutes of uncomfortableness. It made my legs shiny and soft, as well as brought a nice glow to them. This is made with rich vitamins, antioxidants, and exotic plant extracts. I loved it.  The Clear  Clinic was small and compact. I was loving that the size was purse friendly. But the real test lied in would it work. Not many do for me. This did !!!!  I immediately put it on the first bump that came up. It took away the red and swelling. I am still surprised. It is made with menthol, glycolic, and salicylic acids. A definite kick acne out the window effect.  Lastly I received the Tint & Sass. I did not like this color at all. It was too bright. As I applied it, I seen I was correct in my thinking. I tried to get off and could not. I gave up trying to get it off and thought as much as I drink it would come off shortly. Boy was I wrong. I could still see it when  I washed off my make up that night. Which then left me thinking, I wish this was a complimenting color and this would be my new favorite .   My conclusion: Pros and cons with this one due to color. But all in all, GREAT products. You can bet $10.00 a month. You ladies have to check this out. Sign up NOW. You will not regret it.