These are healthy snacks delivered to your door for only $6.00 a week or less often if you would prefer. 
 The first box is completely free and is well worth it. In the top corner, was brooklyn bites. It has cashews,pretzels, and roasted pumpkin seeds with their unique flavoring. This was my favorite out of this box. Under that was granny smith apples and toffee. I don not care for chewy fruit but the toffee was beyond amazing. Top right corner, you see triple berry smoothie. This has cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, and chewy bananas. It was a delightful mix but again the chewy texture was not my thing. 
Lastly, we have salt and vinegar nuts. This had a mixture of nuts and I could not stop eating this. However I did not taste the vinegar. It must have been very light. Well worth being free & well worth $6. Give it a try and punch in my referal to get your first box free and the 5th box free.You can cancel even after your first free box. Nothing to lose.