Beauty Box 5

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This box was free (the first one, after that it is $12.00 a month) This was based on my beauty profile. However, the other ones I seen got the same thing.

Argan oil
multicultural curls
Revlon bold lacquer (& coupon)
Anna Naturals Glowing Mama (facial scrub)
body drench  red licorice
                                                                                                         The Aragan was a great deep conditioning treatment. You leave it in  for 10 minutes then rinse. It made my hair very soft. It worked so well that I thought i would leave it in overnight. My hair need is dry and I have split ends.The overnight experiment was not good. My hair looked like a doll that had not been brushed and once I washed it out it was frizzy. I had to rewash. The multicultural curl helped my hair also. Occasionally, I like
to enhance my natural wavy hair. However, I hate the sticky feeling that most products leave behind. This was not sticky. It help with the frizz,; as well as, define the curls and added body. Revlon bold lacquer, all I can say is WOW. Revlon has amazing, long-lasting products. This was no surprise that this was the same. My lashes me are short and not very many of them. This made them long and fuller, and had  standing in the mirror staring at them. Even after extremely hot weather, there was no clumping or smudging. I took the coupon and went to get another one. This is one of my favorite mascara. Now for the Anna Natural facial scrub. Those of you who read my blog or follow me on any social media know that I am an advocate
for Green living. This is a green product and I probably will buy in the future. I love facial scrubs This was no exception. It made my skin look and feel brand new. I felt like it was a spa treatment. Healthy looking skin and glow.  Lastly, body drench chapstick. I use regularly even before getting this. I was not fond of the red licorice smell. But it does keep my lips soft.

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