PURE ICE (fingernail polish)


 As a mother on a budget, I try to find different ways to save. This product Pure Ice , as you can see is very budget friendly. ( Walmart price in bottom corner ) I was skeptical at first. My experience with low costing fingernail polish has not been good. This on the other hand , does not lack in quality. I tried this for a few weeks in different ways. First way I tried this was with two coats. After one or two days, I had experienced chips. Which was frustrating when I barely have the time to even do my nails. The coats were thin and require some drying time.   I then deiced to try it with a base and top coat. This very time consuming procedure worked relatively well. I got almost a week of no chips or touch ups with this mani. I love the variety of colors available at Walmart. It was hard to choose. It also has a lot of colors that accent each other. As well as a variety of glitter polish.
Pure Ice nail Polish silver glitter and yellow